How do I prepare my site?

Preparing your site is extremely important and it is the buyer’s responsibility to complete their site preparation before their scheduled delivery. Railroad ties or cinderblocks are most commonly used to set the container on.  These can easily be purchased at your local hardware store. It is important to have a level surface for the container to rest on so that the doors function properly. Basic transport cost includes bringing the container from our location to your location and making a reasonable drop. (Please note our drivers do not have time to wait for you to prepare your site or assist in preparing the site for the drop).

Space requirements – Whether you have ordered a 20′ or 40′ container you will need at least 100 feet of clearance in front of the container for the truck to back into and drop the container. If you ordered a 20′ and these space requirements are an issue, please contact our shipping and logistics department so that we can dispatch one of our 20′ trailers for your delivery.


Which grade of container is best for me?

First, it is extremely important to describe specifically what you expect of your container to your account executive.  Our team is the most knowledgable and qualified in the business and it is their duty to help you find the container to best fit your needs. Before contacting one of our account executives, some general questions to keep in mind might be:

Q: Are cosmetics of the container important?

Q: Is it for a business or residence?

Q: Is is going to be visble on your property by others?

Q: How often do you plan on going in and out of your container? (Will you be using the doors frequently?)

Q: Do you intend to ship your container overseas?

After answering these questions, take a look at our container information page with descriptions of all the grades of containers we offer to look for your best fit.


Is delivery included?

Delivery is not included, however over the years we have built valued relationships with many trusted container transporters in your area. Due to the amount of business we do with our independant transporters, we have negotiated the best discounted rates in the industry that we pass on to you.

Your account executive will gladly give you an accurate shipping quote based on the container delivery zip code.

We use a standard tilt type trailer for our deliveries. The truck will simply back into place and tilt the trailer back and the container gently rolls off the back of it.


Can I pick up my container?

Yes! You are more than welcome to arrange your own transport and we will happily load the container(s) on your trailer for you. Generally within 48-72 hours after you purchase your container(s), the shipping department can provide you with the location of the depot and a release number for your order.


Can I see my container or go look at it before I purchase?

Our business model isn’t set up to accommodate a showroom type environment. We are a large wholesaler and every month we have hundreds of new containers within our inventory.

Unfortunately neither our insurance policy, for safety reasons, nor our infrastructure are set-up for our clients to visit our sites.

Having said that, we do pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and rely heavily on referral and repeat business. Please visit our testimonial page for further review.

We do what we say we’re going to when we say we’re going to do it.

We will happily provide you numerous pictures from whatever container grade section you desire.

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