Shipping containers are great for storage, but many have been creatively repurposing shipping containers with other ideas in mind. They are being repurposed to create houses, playgrounds, hotels, and many more due to their durability and affordability. Here are how others are thinking outside the box and transforming their steel boxes:


Building homes from shipping containers is becoming increasingly popular due to container durability, cost, and building efficiency. Modern architects have gotten creative when it comes to designing for life inside the box. From beach houses to portable homes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to constructing a custom shipping container space. Shipping containers are a sustainable way to create some space in your backyard with guesthouses as well as patios or decks to get some sun and fresh air. It is an inexpensive way to create space for family and friends, and to do something unique with your home.

Emergency shelters and affordable housing projects

Shipping containers can be built to provide underground shelters, which is ideal for emergency situations. More of these underground shelters are emerging as well as affordable housing projects. They create an affordable shelter space that can be used to help others in need – not solely for emergency situations.


Several businesses have taken to the steel box to open retail shops, restaurants and bars, malls, and office space. Some businesses are creating portable spaces and recycle shipping containers further in building their tables and chairs with them – talk about sustainability! Some well-known businesses, such as Starbucks and Taco Bell, have also shipping containers to create restaurant space and drive -thru’s.

Swimming pools

Shipping containers are the perfect size to create a splash in your backyard. People are using them to build in-ground or aboveground pools to cool off during the summer months with the whole family.


People have been thinking outside of the box when it comes to expressing creativity with shipping containers. They are becoming more popular in agricultural uses as well and some have created barns because of the added safety of steel shipping containers. All that hay around a barn is a fire hazard, but luckily, steel isn’t.


Sustainability reaches even further with entertainment for the kids. Many parks and playground are popping up in areas to keep kids active and busy. Shipping containers have also been used to create treehouses or playhouses so the kids have their own space in the backyard.


Some shipping container hotels have made an appearance – Uxbridge in Hong Kong is one example. Building with these boxes is convenient due to their stacking ability. It’s almost like playing a game of Tetris to create a custom space with shipping containers.

Shipping containers are a great tool to build with and it’s easy to get creative with the growing supply of inspiration out there. Contact us to buy your next container and we’ll do everything to get you the container you need – guaranteed.