A shipping container’s purpose is not merely for storage. Small businesses are using shipping containers to build their facilities in a sustainable and inexpensive way, while expanding their location base. Price can vary depending on the size of your business and your business’s needs, but they are cost effective when compared to traditional building practices. They also take less time to build than traditional business spaces, which can be an important factor in increasing your visibility as a small business.

  1. Restaurants

Shipping container restaurants have started popping up after larger, household name businesses have built with them and increased their popularity. It is especially common among smaller restaurants that create bar seating and can use outdoor space to set up tables for their customers. A shipping container’s size allows restaurants to build their facilities almost anywhere they desire, making it easier to control costs and increase profits.

  1. Retail and pop up shops

Some stores only appear during certain times in the year, such as 4th of July or Halloween, and can easily sell out of a modified shipping container. Other smaller retailers are using shipping containers to build small stores to do business and some create pop up shops so they can move their business wherever they please, which can be an effective tactic to boost sales.

  1. Office space

It may be difficult to find an affordable office space as a small business, especially because renting expenses may not always be in line with your budget. Shipping containers provide a way to create office space without breaking a small business budget. It helps business owners who are looking to make a profit and not spend all their money on rent and the various expenses paired with owning a business. Shipping containers are also ideal for additional storage, workshops, and sheds to create your unique space for whichever type of business you are in.

  1. Studios

Recycled shipping containers are an inexpensive way to build music and video production studios – or any type of studio for that matter. There has been an increase of creativity with these boxes when it comes to the work-from-home crowd. These businesses are doing it right with sustainable practices and affordability. Why not build your studio at your home? Studios are also a great space for those that need space for their hobbies, especially if you want to build a music studio to mix on the weekends or a craft studio to channel your inner artiste.

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